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FromMilitaryBases.com: Bridging the Gap Between the U.S. Military And You

We are glad for your eagerness to know about us. Discover the breadth and depth of U.S. Military intelligence at your fingertips with Frommilitarybases.com. As a dedicated digital gateway, we endeavor to deliver the most comprehensive insights and vital details about the United States Military.

Our Focus

At FromMilitaryBases.com, our primary focus is to provide reliable and insightful content about the United States Military. We pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of our content, ensuring that every piece of information we publish is thoroughly researched and fact-checked.

Branches of the Military

The United States Armed Forces are made up of six military bases: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and, most recently, Space Force. Therefore, as your comprehensive portal into the world of the United States Military, we cover all the branches here.

Guidance for U.S. Military Bases 

We offer detailed profiles of the United States military bases across the country and also all over the world. The useful information about the military bases lets you know everything about a military base regardless of its location. 

Life in Service

Providing insightful information about life in the service that mitigates the gap between civilian and military personnel is also the major focus at Frommilitarybases.com.

News and Updates

We strive to provide the latest news and updates from various military branches, ensuring our readers and everybody is always informed about the most recent developments.

Meet the Team

Jeff Rogers

Content Director

Jeff Rogers, a proud resident of Norfolk, Virginia, is the dedicated blogger behind FromMilitaryBases.com. Known to his community as Jeff, he brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to his writing, making his blog a reliable source of information about the United States Military.

Jeff’s journey with the military began long before his own service. Inspired by his father, a respected member of the United States Navy, Jeff developed a deep respect and passion for the military. After completing his high school education at Norview High School in Norfolk, Virginia, and graduating from George Mason University with a degree in Information Technology, Jeff enlisted in the U.S. Army. He served honorably for eighteen years, gaining firsthand experience and insights that now fuel his blog posts.

Retirement from the Army didn’t mean an end to Jeff’s connection with the military. Instead, it provided him with an opportunity to share his knowledge and experiences with a wider audience. Thus, FromMilitaryBases.com was born. Jeff’s goal was simple: to provide authentic information about the U.S. Military, covering topics related to the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

Since its inception, FromMilitaryBases.com has grown into a trusted resource for military information. Jeff’s dedication to providing accurate, insightful content has helped the blog reach significant milestones, including building a strong community of engaged readers. Jeff’s friends, many of whom are also military veterans, contribute to the blog, enriching the content with their own experiences and perspectives.

Jeff’s expertise isn’t confined to his own blog. He’s also contributed to other publications, sharing his military knowledge with a broader audience. His commitment to bridging the gap between the U.S. Military and the public remains unwavering.

Whether you’re a military enthusiast, a veteran, an active-duty service member, or a civilian seeking to understand more about the military, Jeff invites you to engage with the content on FromMilitaryBases.com, ask questions, and be part of the community.

Set Out On Your Path

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is simple: to bridge the gap between the U.S. Military and you by sharing the stories and highlighting the achievements of our heroes. At FromMilitaryBases.com, transparency, respect, engagement, accuracy, and reliability are the core values.

Our Content

We offer a diverse range of high-quality content centered around the U.S. Military. Our meticulously researched and fact-checked articles span various topics, providing insights into the operations of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

As we look to the future, we plan to expand our content offerings, delve deeper into specific topics, and invite guest contributors to provide their unique perspectives.

Every piece of our content has the same goal, providing meticulously researched and fact-checked detailed information about the United States Armed Forces.

Featured Content

Our featured contents help countless people around the globe, so why not help yourself?

These posts provide unique insights and perspectives that are not commonly found in mainstream media, making them a valuable resource for anyone interested in the U.S. Military.


We are proud to share some of our key accomplishments that highlight our growth and the impact we’ve made.

Reader Satisfaction

Perhaps our most cherished accomplishment is the positive feedback we consistently receive from our readers. Your comments and words of appreciation motivate us to continue improving and delivering high-quality content. Knowing that our readers find our content satisfying and useful is the greatest accomplishment we could ask for.


We are honored to have been mentioned by several prominent online websites and blogs. This recognition affirms our position as a reliable and respected source of military information.

Community Growth

We are proud of the vibrant community we’ve built around our blog. Our readers actively engage with our content, participate in discussions, and share their own experiences and insights. This active community engagement is a significant accomplishment, reflecting the value our readers find in our content.

Impressive Readership

Our blog has successfully garnered a robust readership, with over 50,000 individuals visiting our site each month. This milestone is a testament to the quality of our content and our commitment to providing valuable information.

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We invite you to join our dynamic community, to engage with our content, and to be part of the conversation.

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