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Hello, there sir.

How are you doing? Actually, I’m doing great with my community people (Frommilitarybases). 

I’m Jeffrey Rogers from Norfolk, Virginia, United States. My name is Jeffrey Rogers, but it’s been changed when I was in the Army; now it’s just Jeff. So, you can call me Jeff.

I served in the United States Army for eighteen years. I am really passionate about the military because of my honorable father. My father served in the United States Navy.

After I graduated in Information Technology from George Mason University, I enlisted in the U.S. Army. I finished high school at Norview High School, Norfolk, Virginia.

Jeffrey Rogers in Fort Hood
In 2011, Fort Hood, Texas, USA

Now, I am a retired member of the United States Army; that’s why I have endless time to hang out with my buddies and tell my story through Frommilitarybases.com.

I started this blog to help you to get authentic information about the United States Military. Some of my friends are also helping me with my work, and I love them.

Anything you want about the United States Army, Military, Marine, Air Force, and Coast Guard, please feel free to ask me by comment.

Thank You So Much For Your Support Sir

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