The 6 Best Navy SEAL TV Shows Worth Watching In 2023

Navy SEAL TV shows always stand out among all the military TV shows because TV shows about Navy SEALs are full of thrilling and challenging missions.

The demand for modern-day Navy SEAL TV shows for movie lovers is going higher than ever.

Navy SEAL TV shows are not really coming out so often. Some American film production companies are still putting great effort into making the best ones.

A couple of documentaries and movies about famous Navy SEALs are released and available to stream right now. But the lack of Navy SEAL TV shows still exists.

So, after watching and reviewing people’s reviews, we have come up with the list of the best Navy SEAL TV shows here.

Navy SEAL TV Shows

navy seal tv shows
Navy SEAL TV Shows In 2023

The Terminal List, SIX, SEAL Team, and The Line are the most popular and the best Navy SEAL TV shows available to stream on various platforms as of 2023.

List of the best Navy SEAL TV shows:

  1. The Terminal List
  2. SEAL Team
  3. SIX
  4. Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors
  5. The Line
  6. The Selection: Special Operations Experiment

1. The Terminal List

the terminal list
The Terminal List

The Terminal List is the newest and currently most famous TV show about Navy SEALs that was released on July 1, 2023. 

On March 6, 2018, Former United States Navy SEAL Jack Carr published a Novel named The Terminal List: A Thriller as the name of the TV show.

The Terminal List television series is based on Jack Carr’s novel The Terminal List: A Thriller.

Still today, The Terminal List’s season one is released. The genre of The Terminal List show is a thriller.

In season one, you are going to see action thrillers, conspiracy thrillers, and of course, a heartbreaking drama. The thrilling moments of The Terminal List series keep you guessing about the next episode.

Marvel comic book superhero actor Chris Pratt is the protagonist of The Terminal List TV show.

James Reece, the main character of this TV show, is a Navy SEAL. The American Government killed all the Navy SEAL, team members.

The Terminal List’s protagonist is fighting against the government to take revenge for killing his team members.

The Terminal List is not based on a true story; Jack Carr, the author of The Terminal List novel, claims the whole story is fictional.

The manner of action and investigation of The Terminal List TV show is worth mentioning. I highly recommend you to see this  Navy SEAL TV show.

Since today, only one season has come out, and this TV show already got 8.0 stars out of 10 stars on IMDB.

See The Terminal List Trailer:

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2. SEAL Team

seal team

SEAL Team is also a TV show about Navy SEALs that started in 2017 and still continues to release new seasons.

SEAL Team TV show directed by Max Thieriot and written by Benjamin Cavell.

Military drama and action fiction are the genres of SEAL Team. This TV show brings up the professional and personal lives of the United States Navy SEALs. 

The story of the SEAL Team perfectly shows the difficulties that go through every SEAL member and their family.

Like other Navy SEAL TV shows, this show is also not based on true events. But, I must say this TV show is more entertaining than other Navy SEAL TV shows.

This show all the missions and characters are completely fictional, but SEAL Team show maintained actions and mission processes similar to reality.

SEAL Team TV show is directed and associated with some real veterans who served in the United States Military.

The director and producers of SEAL Team TV show put really great effort into making every action and mission as realistic as possible.

To understand the life of Navy SEALs and their toughness in the mission, SEAL Team TV show can be a great example.

In 2023, SEAL Team season 6 is going to be released. Every episode is about 40 minutes long.

You can stream SEAL Team TV shows on Paramount+, Vudu, Google Play, and iTunes.

See SEAL Team Trailer:

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3. SIX


SIX is a military drama television series that was originally released on January 18, 2017, and ended in 2018.

SIX TV shows only released two seasons; the first season has eight episodes, and the last season has ten episodes.

The storyline followed the ongoing operations of Navy SEALs in Afghanistan.

SIX means Navy SEAL Team Six, and this show portrays the brutality and operations of Taliban leaders in Afghanistan.

The Navy SEAL Team Six deployed to eliminate Taliban leaders in Afghanistan, but they found American citizens leaking confidential information and helping the Taliban.

SIX TV series stand out because of realistic fighting and outstanding leadership.

Richard ‘Rip’ Taggart character played by Walton Goggins, was the protagonist in SIX.

His ruthless leadership gives you little insight into how tough it is to be a commanding leader of the SEAL Team.

The casts of SIX are American actors and actresses. Each cast gives their best to make this show realistic. The acting of Walton Goggins and Olivia Munn are especially superb.

Hulu, History Network, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime, you can stream all SIX episodes.

See SIX Trailer:

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4. Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors

navy seals america's secret warriors
Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors

Next up, Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors; this TV show gives you an in-depth process of becoming a Navy SEAL.

Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors TV show’s first season was originally released in 2017, and the last season was released in 2018.

Every aspect of becoming a Navy SEAL you can find on Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors TV show.

Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors tell you and also show you the physical training programs and process for joining Navy SEALs.

In particular, the director uniquely shows the spiritual process of becoming a Navy SEAL.

Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors TV show is a must-watch for you if you want to know more about Navy SEALs BUD/S training and the process.

This Navy SEAL TV show has only eight episodes, so this show is comparatively small.

On IMDB, Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors rated 7.3 out of 10, and I found this TV show to be very resourceful.

See Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors Trailer:

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5. The Line

the line
The Line

The Line is a mini TV series that was released in 2021. The Line TV series is distributed by Apple TV+.

This is a mini TV series about Navy SEALs. The Line has a total of only four episodes, and each episode is around one hour long.

The Line TV series is based on true events in the US Navy SEAL.

This TV show brings up the story of a Navy SEAL who is Eddie Gallagher’s case in 2018.

Eddie Gallagher was accused as a war criminal because of shooting at civilians in the Iraq War.

In this mini TV series, all the cast act as themselves. So, The Line is also like a documentary about Navy SEALs.

Because of my interest in the Eddie Gallagher case, I watched The Line TV series. I must say this is really well produced.

The Line is only available on Apple TV+, So you must need access to Apple TV+.

See The Line Trailer:

6. The Selection: Special Operations Experiment

the selection special operations experiment
The Selection: Special Operations Experiment

The Selection: Special Operations Experiment, also known as The Selection USA, is a reality TV show about the United States Navy SEAL.

The reason I suggest you see this Navy SEAL TV show is because it’s full of human mental toughness tests.

History television network brings this TV show to see the ruthless training program of Navy SEALs.

In The Selection: Special Operations Experiment TV show, you will see thirty men and women with no military background going through Navy SEAL training.

The movie Lone Survivor producer Peter Berg also produced The Selection USA TV show.

Civilian participants in The Selection USA TV series go through the most instance physical and mental tests of becoming Navy SEAL.

During watching The Selection: Special Operations Experiment each episode, you are going to count every moment by seeing the participants’ physical condition.

Instructor Marcus Capone, Bert Kuntz, Tyler Grey, Sean Haggerty, and Donnie Bowen have served over ten years in the military, so you can guess how accurate training is shown.

You can stream The Selection: Special Operations Experiment on Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, History Network, Vudu, and other streaming platforms.

See The Selection: Special Operations Experiment Trailer:

Final Thoughts

Navy SEAL TV shows are limited because making a Navy SEAL TV series requires some high technical experience.

But, the number of Navy SEAL TV shows is increasing day by day, and new producers are intent on making more of them.

The Terminal List and SEAL Team both are the best Navy SEAL TV shows. Both TV series showed the lives of United States Navy SEAL members and also their families.

To see the Navy SEAL training program, you should watch Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors and The Selection: Special Operations Experiment.

The list of best Navy SEAL TV shows is still releasing episodes, so to feel the thrill, you should watch any of them.

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