Army Bases in Alabama 2023: Address, Map, Contact, And More

Army bases in Alabama have a quiet history behind the United States of America.

Among all military bases in Alabama, the Army holds most of them.

Our team goes to every Army base in the state of Alabama to find more information.

So, if you need to know about Alabama Army bases, keep going with this page.

Army Bases in Alabama

army bases in alabama
All Army Bases in Alabama 2023

There are four Army bases in Alabama: Fort Rucker, Redstone Arsenal, Fort McClellan, and Anniston Army Depot. All Army bases in Alabama are still active.

List of Army bases in Alabama:

  1. Redstone Arsenal
  2. Fort Rucker
  3. Fort McClellan
  4. Anniston Army Depot

1. Redstone Arsenal

redstone arsenal
Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama

The United States Army has controlled Redstone Arsenal since it was built. 

During World War 2 in 1941, Redstone Arsenal was built to create chemical weapons.

Redstone Arsenal built more than 27 million chemical weapons and 45 million shells during World War II.

The Redstone Arsenal army base area is highly restricted, with no photography and access prohibited.

Even the Redstone Arsenal’s speed limit ranges from 10 miles to 50 miles per hour.

Redstone Arsenal is listed as a census-designated place in Madison County, Alabama.

The mission of Redstone Arsenal Army base is to support U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command, Army Materiel Command, and the Defense Department’s Missile Defense Agency. 

Redstone Arsenal base is also essential to NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

More than eight hundred active-duty soldiers and 40 thousand civilian and contract employees are working at Redstone Arsenal Army base daily.

Redstone Arsenal Army post was established on 38,248 acres in the city of Huntsville.

Columbia College-Redstone Arsenal is also located in the Redstone Arsenal Army base.

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Redstone Arsenal Maps and Address:

Address: 5298 Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama 35808, United States

Redstone Arsenal Contact:

  • Phone: (256) 876-2151
  • DSN: 746-2151

2. Fort Rucker

fort rucker
Fort Rucker in Alabama, USA

Fort Rucker Army base was named after Civil War officer General Edmund Rucker.

Fort Rucker was built on May 1, 1942, and still, this army base is active.

The United States Army Aviation uses Fort Rucker base to give soldiers primary training.

The United States Army Aviation Museum and United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence are also located at Fort Rucker base.

Fort Rucker was the most popular army post during World War II because this base hosted more than forty-five thousand military personnel.

The current mission of Fort Rucker army base is to develop and train aviation forces for worldwide missions.

Fort Rucker’s army base used to be open to the public until 2001.

But, now, this base is not public; only Government-authorized personnel and U.S. military service members can access Fort Rucker.

Military facilities such as training, doctrine, testing, and development are provided from Fort Rucker base.

Fort Rucker Army base hosts a large number of Warrant Officers.

And for better facilities for Warrant Officers, The Warrant Officer Candidate School and Warrant Officer Career College are both established at Fort Rucker.

Fort Rucker Maps and Address:

Address: Novosel Street Building 5700 Fort Rucker, Alabama 36362, United States

Fort Rucker Contact:

  • Phone: (334) 255-1110
  • DSN: 312-558-1110

3. Fort McClellan

fort mcclellan
Fort McClellan in Anniston, Alabama

Fort McClellan is one of the oldest army installations in Alabama.

On July 18, 1917, Fort McClellan was built in the city of Anniston, Alabama.

Fort McClellan army base is named after the Chief of the United States Army, Major General George B. McClellan.

Fort McClellan is also one of the largest army base in Alabama, which is 42,286 acres (169.1 km2).

And during World War 2, Fort McClellan was the largest Army post in the United States.

Fort McClellan base is also known as Camp McClellan. But, in previous years, this Army base changed its name several times.

First, the name of this Army installation was Camp Shipp after Camp McClellan and now Fort McClellan.

Fort McClellan was the home of the Military Police Corps and the Chemical Corps School.

The United States Border Patrol training academy was established on this base in 1988.

From 1917 to 1999, Fort McClellan was an active Army base.

Fort McClellan Maps and Address:

Address: Camp Shipp1023 Fort McClellan, Anniston, Alabama 36205, United States

Fort McClellan Contact:

  • Phone: (256) 847-4102

4. Anniston Army Depot

anniston army depot
Anniston Army Depot in Anniston, Alabama

Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) is an Army post located in the city of Anniston, Alabama.

Anniston Army Depot is an important Army base to the United States Army. 

Anniston Army Depot was established in 1940, and still, now, this base is in use.

The convenience of accessibility at Anniston Army Depot base makes it more special to the U.S. Army.

There are two airports available near Anniston Army Depot (ANAD).

Anniston Army Depot army installation holds a massive area and also makes 25 thousand jobs in the area. 

This base has over fifteen thousand acres of woodland, 3.5 million square feet of maintenance production building, 419,029 square feet of administrative buildings, and 6.8 million square feet of storage buildings.

Anniston Army Depot base’s primary mission is to produce and repair U.S. military vehicles and ammunition.

Now, Anniston Army Depot is designated not only for military vehicles but also for artillery, assault bridging systems, individual and crew-served small-caliber weapons and locomotives, rail equipment, and non-tactical generators.

Therefore, Anniston Army Depot is a major army installation for the whole nation.

Currently, there are no major units hosted on Anniston Army Depot base.

Unlike other army bases in Alabama, Anniston Army Depot army post does not have a base housing facility.

Anniston Army Depot Maps and Address:

Address: 7 Frankford Ave, Anniston, Alabama 36201, United States

Anniston Army Depot Contact:

Conclusion – Army Bases in Alabama

Army bases in Alabama made great contributions during World War 1 and two.

The state of Alabama is home to two prominent and important U.S. Arm.

Fort Rucker is the most popular army base in Alabama. But, the most critical Army base is Anniston Army Depot.

Alabama army base has a good reputation for developing chemical weapons and military vehicles.

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