Air Force Bases In Illinois: Scott Air Force Base

Air Force bases in Illinois are well known compared to other military bases in Illinois.

Finding active Air Force bases in Illinois can be confusing because most Illinois Air Force bases are not in use now.

So, here we come with everything you need to know about United Air Force bases in Illinois with map, history, mission, address, and contacts.

Air Force Bases In Illinois

air force bases in illinois
Air Force Bases In Illinois 2023

The state of Illinois is the home of only one Air Force base, which is Scott Air Force Base, located in St. Clair County, Illinois.

Hanna City Air Force Station, Chanute Air Force Base, and Carmi Air Force Station Air Force bases were opened in Illinois, but they are not in use now. 

Before and during World War I, several Air Force installations were built in Illinois.

Other than Scott Air Force Base, no active Air Force bases are available in Illinois.

Scott Air Force Base

scott air force base
Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

Scott Air Force base was built as Scott Field in 1917, but on 13 January 1948, Scott Field was redesignated as Scott Air Force Base.

Currently, the Scott Air Force base is operated by the U.S. Air Force, but Air Mobility Command controls this base.

Scott Air Force Base is an important Air Force port to the U.S. Department of Defense.

The U.S. Transportation Command and Air Mobility Command (AMC) headquarters are established in Scott Air Force Base. 

Scott Air Force Base is also making a huge contribution to the Illinois economy by providing employment.


Scott Air Force Base is named after the United States pilot that was killed in a plane crash, Frank S. Scott.

To give honor to the first enlisted U.S. Frank S. Scott, Scott Air Force Base was built in Illinois.

During the first quarter of World War I, Scott Air Force Base was built to provide air support and care.

Scott Air Force Base was first used for injured troops hospitalized to cure them and back them to war again.

For making great contributions during World War I, Scott Air Force Base got a good reputation from all over the nation.

In 1938, the United States government made Scott Air Force Base the U.S. Air Force headquarters.

Like other U.S. military bases, Scott AFB also got huge funding for sophisticated design.

Educational buildings, training centers, and more aspects of Scott Air Force Base began to develop that year.

In September of 1940, Scott’s Radio School was established, but Scott’s Radio School became a partner of Communications University of the Army Air Forces after World War II.

In World War II, Scott Air Force Base also provided maximum and advanced support to the U.S. Air Force to win the war.


Since being built, Scott Air Force Base has supported the United States Air Force for a variety of purposes.

Scott Air Force Base’s main mission is to mobilize the U.S. Air Force in air, sea, and over the land globally.

This air force installation keeps engaging with several air force wings all over the nation.

Scott Air Force Base is also responsible for operating air refueling missions in the KC-135.

As you know, the Scott Air Force Base community is quite large. More than fifteen thousand personnel are still in reserves in Scott Air Force Base.

Over 3 billion U.S. dollars, Scott Air Force Base added to the Illinois local economy.


The 375th AMW mission, SAPR, IGQ, United States Air Force Chaplain Corps, Judge Advocate, and Air Defense Counsel units are hosted in Scott Air Force Base.

From the highest priority of mission to education, course opportunities are still available at Scott Air Force Base.

Among all the Scott Air Force Base units, The 375th AMW mission unit is the most important.

The 375th communications group, medical group, mission support group and operations group are operating the unit of 375th AMW.


After World War II, Scott Air Force Base saw the revolution of development by the U.S. Air Force.

Both civilians and military personnel now enjoy various   Scott Air Force Base facilities.

New buildings are established to expand more housing space for air force soldiers.

Scott Air Force Base has the best and most advanced hospitalization facilities.

The citizens of  Scott Air Force Base also got numerous opportunities and facilities.

Citizens now can use the metro bus and light rail for their transportation.

Theaters, bars, and several recreational areas are open for Scott Air Force Base citizens.

Citizens also get hospitalization and better health care service in the Scott Air Force Base.


As you know, Scott Air Force Base is a popular United States Air Force base in Illinois.

And more than 15 thousand people, including citizens, are living at Scott Air Force Base right now.

Therefore, Scott Air Force Base takes a different approach to balancing and maintaining the housing system.

For the convenient location of Scott AFB, this base housing also attracts citizens.

The Scott Air Force Base authority follows strict rules and regulations for housing facilities.

Location and Map

Address: South Dr, Scott AFB, Illinois 62225, United States

Contact Information

Phone: +1 618-256-1110
DSN: 576-1110

Conclusion – Air Force Bases In Illinois

Air Force bases in Illinois got limited after shutting off several air force bases.

Scott Air Force Base (Scott AFB) is now Illinois’s only air force base.

But, Scott Air Force Base has been an essential and valuable air force base to the United States Department of Defense.

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