Military Bases In Kansas With Address, Contact, And Map 2023

Military bases in Kansas have a huge impact on the local community to help grow a better economy.

Previously many United States military bases were opened during several wars, but now some of them are still in use and provide support to the United States Armed Forces.

Especially, Kansas is the home of one of the largest United States military installations.

Among all of the military bases in Kansas, most of them are controlled by the United States Army.

Here one of our members who live in Kansas gives you every information about the Air Force, Army, and all military bases that are located in Kansas.

Military Bases In Kansas

military bases in kansas
Military Bases In Kansas 2023

The state of Kansas is the home of three military bases as of 2023. Two military bases are under the United States Army; the United States Air Force controls the other one. There are no Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard bases available in Kansas.

The list of military bases in Kansas:

  1. Fort Riley
  2. Fort Leavenworth
  3. McConnell Air Force Base

Army Bases In Kansas

Currently, there are two army bases in Kansas. The state of Kansas has another army installation that is the United States Disciplinary Barracks prison.

Army installations in Kansas are:

  • Fort Riley
  • Fort Leavenworth
  • U.S. Army Disciplinary Barracks

Fort Riley

fort riley
Fort Riley Army Base

Fort Riley is an important military base to the United States Armed Forces Department and also to the local community.

Fort Riley is the largest military base in the United States and hosts over twenty thousand individuals.

In 1853, Fort Riley army base was built, and still today, this army post is in use.

The total land of Fort Riley is over 101,733 acres, divided into two different counties; those are Riley and Geary.

For the large size of Fort Riley army installation, the United States Army gave Fort Riley a specific zip code that is 66442.

The Fort Riley base is named after him to honor professional general Bennett C. Riley.

Fort Riley’s army base is famous for its great housing facility in the state of Kansas.

Address: 7264 Normandy Drive, Custer Hill Army Community Service Fort Riley, Kansas 66442, United States
Phone: +1 785-239-2022
DNS: 856-1110

Fort Leavenworth

fort leavenworth
Fort Leavenworth Army Base

Fort Leavenworth is another military base that is controlled by the United States Army.

Although Fort Leavenworth military base is older than Fort Riley, but Fort Leavenworth army base is not as big as Fort Riley.

Fort Leavenworth army base was built in 1827, and Fort Leavenworth is the oldest permanent settlement in Kansas.

Fort Leavenworth is still referred to as the Intellectual Center of the Army.

In the 19th-century, Santa Fe Trail was an important route that went through central North America. Fort Leavenworth army installation’s primary mission was to take care of the Santa Fe Trail.

Returning several groups of Indians during the Civil War was the biggest achievement for Fort Leavenworth army base.

Over twenty thousand recruits were trained at Fort Leavenworth base during World War II.

The Government’s National Historic Landmarks Program listed Fort Leavenworth army port as a National Historic Landmark in 1960.

The 15th Military Police Brigade, Munson Army Health Center, and U.S. Army Combined Arms Center are the major units hosted at Fort Leavenworth.

Address: 600 Thomas Ave. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 66027-2303, United States
Phone: +1 913-684-4021
DNS: 552-4021

U.S. Army Disciplinary Barracks

u.s. army disciplinary barracks
U.S. Army Disciplinary Barracks Military Prison

Shortly, the United States Disciplinary Barracks USDB is a U.S. Military only level III (Maximum Security) military prison.

U.S. Army Disciplinary Barracks prison located in Fort Leavenworth army base, Kansas.

In 1874, The United States Disciplinary Barracks were built in Fort Leavenworth army installation.

To increase capacity and security, the U.S. Army Disciplinary Barracks prison was rebuilt in 2002.

For $67.8 million, the U.S. Army Disciplinary Barracks prison was rebuilt for U.S. military prisoners.

The capacity of the U.S. Army Disciplinary Barracks prison is not more than 515 prisoners.

United States Army Corrections Command now manages the United States Disciplinary Barracks.

Address: 600 Thomas Ave. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 66027-2303, United States
Phone: +1 913-758-3649
DNS: 585-3649

Air Force Bases In Kansas

In the company of several military bases in Kansas, McConnell AFB is the only air force base that is located in the city of Sedgwick County, Kansas.

McConnell Air Force Base

mcconnell air force base
McConnell Air Force Base

McConnell Air Force Base was first built as Wichita Municipal Airport in 1929.

To the United States Air Force, McConnell Air Force Base is important for several reasons.

In 1954, Wichita Municipal Airport became McConnell Air Force Base to honor the three flying McConnell brothers.

McConnell Air Force Base is responsible for delivering global air refueling capability.

In Operation Noble Eagle, McConnell Air Force Base was contributed by providing units to Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and more countries.

Now, with the main unit 22-nd Air Refueling Wing, McConnell Air Force Base is also hosting more than six different groups on the base.

McConnell Air Force Base has a variety of resources for elementary and higher education.

McConnell Air Force Base housing facility is well organized and properly maintained.

Housing offices ensure the balance of junior enlisted personnel to get proper training for their mission on the base with family.

Address: 53280 Topeka St 221, McConnell AFB, Kansas 67221, United States
Phone: +1 316-759-3704
DNS: 743-6100

Conclusion – Military Bases In Kansas

Among all military bases in Kansas, Fort Riley military base is the most popular and also important to the United States Department of Defense.

The state of Kansas still does not have any Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps bases on its land.

The United States Disciplinary Barracks is also a military installation in Kansas, but it’s a military prison located at Fort Leavenworth army base.

The United States Air Force has an only base that is McConnell Air Force base.

Fort Leavenworth is the oldest military base in the state of Kansas that has served since the 18th century.

Several Kansas military bases are still in use by balancing with the local community.

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